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Do you need space for a group meeting, seminar, class, or training session? St. Andrew's has a variety of both large and small meeting spaces that might just be perfect for you and your group. Whether you need space for a single occasion or on an ongoing basis, we can help.

Regulations for Business Use
1. The Applicant shall be responsible for the pick up and return of the key from the Parish Office before and after the event.

2. The Applicant shall be responsible for leaving all used spaces clean and orderly. The Applicant shall be held responsible for costs for repairs that exceed normal wear and tear. The Applicant who chooses lawfully to serve alcohol is completely responsible for serving it in compliance with the law, and for any damage that arises from failing to serve alcohol appropriately.

3. The Applicant shall be responsible for returning lights, thermostats, and doors to the condition they were in at the time of the Applicant's entry into the space. Furnishings that are moved shall be put back in their original location (including tables and chairs that are set up by the Applicant).

4. The Applicant shall be responsible for disposing of all food and food-related garbage in the dumpster located at the edge of the parking lot. All used surfaces shall be wiped clean. All dishes, glassware, utensils and cooking equipment shall be washed and put away.

5. In the event of a maintenance problem observed during the time of the building usage, the Applicant shall notify the Church office at 978-772-2615, as soon as possible.

6. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the buildings. The Applicant shall be responsible for providing receptacles outside of the building for cigarette and cigar butts.

7. No food or beverages shall be taken into the Sanctuary.

8. The Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, its Vestry and employees against any and all claims, damages, losses, litigation, expenses, counsel fees, court costs and compensation in any way arising from or out of this agreement, including but not limited to injuries (including death) sustained by or alleged to have been sustained by any persons on or near the St. Andrew's Church premises, loss or damage to property, whether real or personal, including all property of St. Andrew's Church, and any injuries to persons or property arising from the sale, service, or use of alcohol at the event.

Adopted by a unanimous vote of St. Andrew's Vestry, 2 December 2007.


Physical address
7 Faulkner Street
Ayer, Massachusetts 01432

Mailing address
St. Andrew's Church
PO Box 298
Ayer, MA 01432

Disability services

St. Andrew's is handicap accessible. We also have large print bibles and Book of Common Prayer available upon request

BSA Pack 32

St. Andrew's is a proud sponsor of Cub Scout Pack 32. Contact them at ObscureBSA for more information.