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Weekly services

St. Andrew's is a welcoming congregation serving central Massachusetts communities. Everyone is welcome to attend our services and, in accordance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church, every baptized Christian may receive Holy Communion in this Church.

In the Episcopal Church, we use the term "Eucharist" to mean the entire worship service, of which Holy Communion is one part. We believe that the Eucharist is the sacrament of thanksgiving given by Christ for the continual remembrance of His life, death, and resurrection.

Sunday 8:00 a.m. - Traditional Eucharist
The 8 o'clock service on Sunday mornings is a Rite I Holy Eucharist with a sermon. We use the Book of Common Prayer (1979). The language of the prayers in this service is traditional. This one hour service does not include hymns or other music. The congregation likes the quiet and contemplative atmosphere. All are welcome for refreshments and conversation after the service.

Sunday 9:45 a.m. - Free Nursery Care for Infants and Toddlers (3 and under)
Free infant and toddler care is provided by competent staff throughout the year in the lower level of the Parish Hall. From September-June, parents may leave children from 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Children will be released only to the adult who signed them in.

Sunday 9:45 a.m. - Sunday School for Kindergarten-5th Grade Students (September-June)
Teachers are on site in the Parish Hall before 9:45 a.m. so families may drop children off and walk over to the church for the 10:00 a.m. service. Each class will join the service after the sermon for Communion.

Sunday 9:45 a.m. - Classes for Middle School and High School Teens (September-June)
Young people in their Middle School and High School years attend the Level III "Plan of God" class on Sunday morning and also participate as acolytes and readers in our regular monthly intergenerational services.

Sunday 10:00 a.m. - Choral Eucharist
The 10 o'clock service is a Rite II Holy Eucharist--a service with beautiful music, thoughtful preaching, and the poetic prayers for which the Episcopal church is known. We use the Book of Common Prayer (1979) and the Hymnal (1982). The language of the prayers in this service is contemporary. Prior to the service, an organ prelude, joined occasionally by other musicians, allows time for prayer and meditation. Hymns are accompanied by the organ and choir. The 10 o'clock service generally lasts about 1 1/4 hours. All are welcome for refreshments and conversation after the service.

For nursing mothers and families with infants, there are two choices: 1) Infants are welcome at the service. If you need to leave during the service, please feel free to use the adjacent room we call "the Snuggery," with soft carpeting, comfortable chairs, and a changing table; or 2) Free infant and toddler care is provided in the Parish Hall by competent staff from 9:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (September-June).

If you get a late start, come along anyway. We'd rather have you late than not at all!

Wednesday 12:00 Noon - Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers
This mid-week service is a Rite II Holy Eucharist with a brief homily (sermon). We use the Book of Common Prayer (1979). The language of the prayers in this service is contemporary. There are no hymns or other music. It is an intimate service well suited for those who would like a mid-week break from the everyday hustle and bustle and for those who would like to receive a healing prayer during Communion. This service lasts about 30 minutes. If you have time to squeeze us in on your lunch break, you are most welcome!

Eucharistic Visitors

For those members of the congregation who, by reason of illness or infirmity, are unable to be present in Church and wish to receive Holy Communion, St. Andrew's offers specially trained lay ministers (Eucharistic Visitors) who are available to bring the Consecrated Elements directly from the Church to a hospital, nursing home, or private residence. To arrange for a Eucharistic Visitor, please contact the Rev. Joyce Scherer-Hoock, our Rector, or Ms. Lynn Ferrillo, our Office Administrator.

Other services

Below is a list of other services that are available from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.


Episcopalians believe that Holy Baptism is the sacrament by which God adopts us as His children and makes us members of Christ's Body, the Church, and inheritors of the kingdom of God. The Episcopal Church recognizes and offers both infant and adult Baptism.

At St. Andrew's, Baptism is always offered at the Easter Vigil (Spring), on the Day of Pentecost (late Spring), on the Sunday after All Saints Day (Fall), and on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord (Winter).

More information about Baptism at St. Andrew's coming soon.


Confirmation is the rite in which a baptized person expresses a mature commitment to Christ, and receives strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.

St. Andrew's offers Confirmation/Inquirer's Classes for those baptized at an early age who are ready to make a public affirmation of their faith, for those who are considering joining the Episcopal Church, for those who are returning to the Epsicopal Church, and for those who would like to deepen their faith and learn more about their Episcopal heritage.

In recent years within the Diocese of Massachusetts, the Service of Confirmation takes place on a Deanery basis (a deanery is a geographical subdivision of a diocese), generally in the late spring. Confirmation classes at St. Andrew's begin in late winter or early spring. Individual instruction and spiritual guidance are also available to those who wish them, at any time.

Weddings and Celebrations

In the Episcopal Church, Holy Matrimony is understood to be a physical and spiritual union entered into within the community of faith, by mutual consent of heart, mind, and will, and with the intent that it be lifelong.

We welcome those who wish to be married at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. We do require two month's notice prior to a wedding. At least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian and premarital counseling is required by the Canons of the Episcopal Church. In the case of a divorced person who wishes to remarry, permission from the Bishop is required. Under no circumstances should any announcement of a wedding at St. Andrew's be made until the couple has had an interview with the priest and the priest consents to officiate.

Click here to read the Lessons appointed for use at the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage in the Episcopal Church.

Click here to read about the fees for Weddings and Celebrations at St. Andrew's.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Funerals held at St. Andrew's are for members and former members of the parish, and their families, in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer burial ceremonies. Our clergy and staff are available for consultation and pastoral care in times of need.

Click here to read the Lessons appointed for use at the Burial of the Dead in the Episcopal Church.

Click here for a list of hymns especially appropriate for use at Funerals and Memorial Services.

Click here to read about the fees for Funerals and Memorial Services at St. Andrew's.


7 Faulkner Street
Ayer, Massachusetts 01432

Disability services

St. Andrew's is handicap accessible. We also have large print bibles and Book of Common Prayer available upon request

BSA Pack 32

St. Andrew's is a proud sponsor of Cub Scout Pack 32. Contact them at ObscureBSA for more information.